Having studied at one of the most renowned hair extension schools in Russia, Elina BRINGS
Her experience and expertise to the Gold Coast to specialize in all areas of keratin bond hair extensions. Recognized as a trusted salon professional, Elina is continuously upskilling and learning new techniques to provide her clients, and the industry, with market-leading knowledge
As well as having unique access to premium Russian hair, Elina practices with the best in application and maintenance techniques for keratin bonds and also provides hair extension training to other salon professionals to empower and equip them with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed
The Gold Coast’s leading hair extensions training courses for those who want to turn their love of hair into a flourishing career, or even just a little side hustle!
Our courses are designed to empower hair lovers to become confident and skilled in the full range of hair extensions practices and ensure that they can service their own clients with expertise and cutting-edge techniques.
Our students walk away skilled, confident and with the ability to immediately start practicing and turning their skills into business!
Our premium training courses offer more than the average application course – our director, Elina, personally delivers the course providing one-on-one intensive training, hands-on guidance and experience and shares her wealth of knowledge.
Suitable for both beginners and advanced technicians, our courses teach the Russian cutting-edge keratin bonds method, which includes:
Leading application technique for all hair types and clients
Exclusive pre-bonding and re-bonding technique
Discreet installation and comfortable bonds
As well as this, all students receive a Starter Kit, and access to wholesale prices for premium Russian hair extensions and tools
You’re a Queen, and with our training, you’ll be ready to help fix the crown of your fellow Queens!
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